Why Herculano should be killed?
~ The case of a Brazilian boy of Japanese descent murder by lynch ~
       the author : Rumiko Nishino 1,800yen

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the summary of the case
6th October,
the first case
At Komaki station in Aichi prefecture, some Japanese boys assaulted on unresisting Brazilian boys.
Brazilian boys have called for help to a station staff.
the second case
In an empty park in Komaki city, a Brazilian boy, abducted from the station, was attacked persistently and wounded fatally.
The boy is Herculano.
7th October,
Herculano died. He was only fourteen years-old.

 It was on TV news program when I first heard about this case.
 I remember almost all of the news programs focused on the reason why the Brazilian boys were at the station in such a late time. They treated them as "street gangs" who didn't go to school. Also, possession of butterfly knives and army knives of Japanese street gangs was reported.
 It was a shock for me, since I started to volunteer to teach Japanese.
 I always recall it clearly, though two years have passed. There were a lot of Brazilian boys of Japanese descent around me. Among of them were Herculano's contemporaries. Some of them go to school, some stay home just playing games, and some work at factories. I don't want them to be considered as problem children. That's what I thought that time.
 As the time has passed and the case was fading out inside me, without knowing the truth.

 They are not street gangs.
 The issue of the case isn't the possession of a butterfly knife as a lethal weapon.

 The most important thing is to know the fact, to face it honestly, and to deliberate it and behave never to do the same mistake again, I think........

 Now, many foreigners are living in Japan, not only adults, but children. This is an undeniable fact. We should face this fact and find the way to "live together."

 Why such a case has occurred?
 What is the social back ground of this case?
  It can be summarized into 3 categories.
   1. The Japanese prejudice against foreigners.
   2. Discrimination of acceptance in a school and a community
      for foreign children.
   3. Disregard for foreigners, others, and the world beside yourself.

 These are my feelings.

 If the victim were a Japanese, not a foreigner, this case should have been focused more seriously. This made me angry. I feel annoyed about Japanese segregation. We, Japanese are coming to lose warmth as a human.

 Japanese have taken selfishness for assertion since the criticism, "Japanese who can't say No".
 Why the station staffs ignored the cry for help from the boys. The staffs might be just faithful for their duty not to disturb the other customers. They just said to the boys "No," to follow their jobs.
 But I wonder why they didn't sympathize to the boys and why they didn't foresee the serious trouble. There should be some other people beside station staffs in the station. Why didn't they find something wrong. Japan might be distorted by such people's apathy. Everyone has an equal right to live.

 At the beginning, I was thinking to write about my impression for the book, "Why Herculano should be killed?" , but I can not find proper words for this.
 I would like everyone to read the book, whoever lives in Japan, regardless of nationality. I only wish this book to raise the problems on Japanese segregation to the people.

Impressions of the book

 I was very shocked to know what actually happened,and couldn't understand why no one could stop it.
 I think people should think about this incident more seriously.

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