How to connect to Internet Shinshu

Setting up Windows95

The following communication software is included with Windows 95.

Also, the following software is included in Control Panel.

  1. Open the My Computer icon on your desktop and double click on "Dialup network".
  2. Double click on New Connection. The following window will appear:
  3. Click the next button (N)>
  4. Click the next button (N)> and then Finish.
  5. This will create an icon with the name you entered in step #2. Right click on this new icon and select Property(R).
  6. The following window will be displayed.
  7. Next, click the server type (T) button.
    The following Server Type window will be displayed.
  8. Click the TCP/IP Settings(P) button.
    The following TCP/IP Settings window will be displayed.
  9. Click OK and Finish the property settings.

    Dialup access to Internet Shinshu

    1. Double click on the Internet Shinshu dialup icon and the following window will appear.
    2. Click the Connect button (left button).